Sir Philip Sidney

William Harbert, in Englands Sorrowe (1606) Sig I1v.

Oh be like him, who whilome midst our Peeres,
As Cynosure or fairer starre did shine;
Sidney, whose worths were more then were his yeeres,
Heere brave Castilio see the praise of time,
A perfect Courtier rightly cleaped thine:
Most bold in Armes, and excellently wise,
Himselfe in all, and gratious in all eyes.

A generous and noble man indeede,
To tilt and turney with a comely grace,
To mannage untam'd mouth of mighty steede,
Of blood all worthy, worthy all his race,
What e're a Knight should have, in him there was:
Hee scorn'd bought honour, sdainde the servile fee,
For what he was, he well deserv'd to bee.

For what he had, he well deserv'd to have,
And more, if more might given be to men,
What man may give, that many to thee gave,
Living, due praise, all praise; and dead, (oh then)
They reckon thee with Saintes, and not with men:
Court, Cittie wept, so did the Academe,
For thou didst live and wert belov'd in them.