William Henry Ireland

Anonymous, in "Literary Intelligence" Port Folio [Philadelphia] S4 14 (November 1822) 446.

Mr. William Henry Ireland, who made himself pretty notorious, some years ago, by his "genuine remains" of Shakespeare, for which he will never be forgiven by the English critics who were deceived by his forgeries, has lately published a singular tissue of absurdity, under the title — "France for the Last Seven years; or the Bourbons." He represents Napoleon weeping over the duke of Engheim, — declares the Dauphin is still alive — and attributes the death of Ney, the double traitor, to the Duke of Wellington's jealousy! In his dedication he thus addresses the Spaniards.

"Cortez! Spaniards! hear ME: and may the lesson I inculcate sink deep into your hearts. I would warn you of the Bourbons: your king is of the stock: therefore let the following unvarnished truths stand forever recorded as foremost in your remembrances, which" (remembrances?) "demonstrate the policy of that Royal House from the year 1789 to 1822."