Lord Byron

Anonymous, "Lord Byron and Southey" Saturday Magazine [Philadelphia] 2 (27 April 1822) 389.

We mentioned some time ago, that report assigned to Lord Byron the authorship of a Parody on Southey's Vision of Judgment. The M. Chronicle states that the MS. has come to London, but is unfit for publication. If the accounts in circulation about it be correct, this is truly the case; for we are informed that it places the Spirit of a revered Monarch at the Gate of Hell, where Satan and the Archangel Michael hold a long argument respecting its final disposition. This situation and colloquy, so offensive to every good feeling, is altered by the interposition of the Soul of Mr. Southey, which offers to write the Devil's Biography in two volumes duodecimo. The Devil rejects the proposal, and the Laureate-Soul makes a similar tender of its literary services to Michael, who also declines them. Other particulars have been mentioned to us, but they are not worth repeating, especially as we are not certain of their authenticity.