Dr. Nathaniel Cotton

John Holland, in Psalmists of Britain. Records of upwards of One Hundred and Fifty Authors, who have rendered the Whole or Parts of The Book of Psalms, into English Verse (1843) 2:251.

Dr. Cotton died in 1788, at the age of 81, after having, for many years, deservedly enjoyed the reputation of his "Visions in Verse," which still continue to answer the original design of their estimable author — "the Entertainment and Instruction of Younger Minds." As a Physician he was honourably distinguished for his skill and humanity in the treatment of disorders of the mind, in which character he secured the gratitude and the friendship of the Poet Cowper, during the time his afflicting mental malady compelled him to reside in the retreat of St. Alban's. After the Doctor's death, appeared two volumes of "Various Pieces, in Prose and Verse, by Nathaniel Cotton, M.D," including, besides the "Visions," Sermons, Essays, Fables, &c. Among the Metrical pieces are Versions of Psalms xiii. and xlii., and in the prose portion, two Essays on the same.