Rev. Thomas Dale

John Holland, in Psalmists of Britain. Records of upwards of One Hundred and Fifty Authors, who have rendered the Whole or Parts of The Book of Psalms, into English Verse (1843) 2:299.

In 1821, the Rev. Thomas Dale, of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, subsequently Professor of English Literature in King's College, London, and now Vicar of St. Bride's, one of the most elegant and popular Preachers in the Metropolitan Churches, published "Specimens of a New Translation of the Psalms." These specimens are the fruit of a highly cultivated poetical taste — in other words, the productions of a vigorous mind, richly imbued with the devotional spirit of the Psalmist, and thoroughly conscious of what kind of vehicle is best suited to harmonize that spirit with the singing of a Christian Congregation. Mr. Dale is the author of one or two Poems of a highly respectable character, as "The Widow of the City of Nain," the " Outlaw of Taurus," and several other pieces.