Edward Thurlow

John Holland, in Psalmists of Britain. Records of upwards of One Hundred and Fifty Authors, who have rendered the Whole or Parts of The Book of Psalms, into English Verse (1843) 2:305-06.

The following Version of Psalm cxlviii. is from the pen of the late Lord Thurlow, who published another in irregular stanzas. There is a well-known, graceful, but diffuse paraphrase of this sublime Ode, by Dr. Ogilvie: it has also been versified by Roscommon. The Right Hon. Edward Hovel Thurlow was nephew of the celebrated Chancellor Thurlow, whom he succeeded to the Peerage, and died June 4, 1829, aged 47. His Lordship was an ardent admirer of old English poetry, and himself the author of several volumes of published verse, mostly of an elegant character.

To praise the Lord be our delight,
Praise him in the arched height:

Hosts and Angels of his own
Warble praise to him alone:

Sun and Moon, the eyes of day,
And dreary night, his praise display:

Ye stars, and thou, O light, awake
Voiced music for his sake:

All ye heavens, spread out on high,
Ring with the golden melody:

And ye waters, laid in store
Above the heavens, in song adore:

Let them in grateful concert praise
The Lord, and magnify his ways:

Be his eternal love display'd,
Who spake the word, and they were made:

By whom, let not your voices spare,
They, and all things, created were:

Who has secured them by a law,
Which holds eternity in awe:

And on the earth, O praise the Lord
Ye monstrous deeps, your praise afford:

Thou burning fire, and hail and snow,
And vapours, your great author know:

And wind and storm, that keep his word;
Mountains and hills, O praise the Lord:

And fruitful trees and cedars tall,
And beasts and grazing cattle all:

Praise him, ye birds, on charter'd wings,
And praise him, all ye creeping things:

Ye throned kings and people praise,
And judges, his eternal ways:

And youth, and in his name rejoice,
Old men and babes, with equal voice:

O let them sing his holy worth,
Whose praise is above heaven and earth:

He shall his chosen people raise,
And all his saints consent in praise:

Yea, Israel; and defend from blame
A people faithful to his name.