Dr. James McHenry

John Neal, in "American Writers" Blackwood's Magazine 17 (February 1825) 198.

The "Popular Author" of sundry books: of the WILDERNESS — a novel; the SPECTRE OF THE FOREST — a — novel (there is no other name for it, as we know of!) — and of the INSURGENT CHIEF: — a novel: Editor, also, of a "Periodical," at Athens, North America. The novels are beneath contempt — so far, we should say, as we know anything of them. — We are not easily discouraged — but — we have never been able to do more than one volume, out of the whole. — We pushed on, till we came to a part of the wilderness, where George Washington falls in love — weeps — talks about oh's! and ah's! — The book fell out of our hands. Who could blame us? — We have escaped all the rest — and, with God's blessings, hope to escape them — till our dying day. — THE MAGAZINE, however, is really good. Success to him.