[Untitled, "Hence pale Grief and anxious Care."]

Gratulatio Academiae Cantabrigiensis Auspicatissimas Georgii III. Magnae Britanniae Regis, et Serenissimae Charlottae Principis de Mecklenburgh-Strelitz Nuptias Celebrantis.

Rev. Michael Tyson

An imitation of Milton's companion poems signed "Michael Tyson, Scholar of CCC" — Tyson was an antiquarian acquaintance of Gray, Mason, and Walpole. The poem alludes to the recent conquests of Canada and India. So many poems in this Cambridge volume imitate "L'Allegro" that one wonders whether there was not some conscious attempt at emulation involved.

Samuel Austin Allibone: "Michael Tyson, b. 1740, and educated at Bene't College, Cambridge, became Rector of Lambourne, Essex, 1776; died 1780. He was the auithor of An Ode on the Birth of the Prince of Wales, An Ode on the Peace, papers in Philsophical Transactions., Archaeologia, &c. He was an excellent draughtsman and engraver" Critical Dictionary of English Literature (1858-71; 1882) 3:2494.

Hence pale Grief and anxious Care,
With black Misfortune's baleful train,
Where pensive Sorrows ever reign;
And fill the dreary cave of dire despair.
Fly to some mountain's lonely brow;
List to the Tempest's troublous roar:
Or dare in airy flights to soar
To distant regions or Cimmerian waste:
Thither ah! thither haste,
There twine the Cypress bough.

Come sweet Nymph, that liv'st unseen
In winding vale or woodland green,
Echo — silence breathes around:
Howling winds nor murmurs sound;
Save where breathes the Lydian air,
The weal of Albion to declare.
Fancy strews her varied flowers;
Guides our steps, and rules the hours.
Pleas'd with Music's soothing art
The God of War resigns his dart:
Whilst Hymen leads his chosen band,
Waves aloft his flaming brand;
And Innocence that knows no guile
Casts on her favourite rites a smile.
Wisdom guides the joyous throng,
Leads the dance and rules the song;
Wisdom erst in heavenly strain
O'er Sicilia's warlike plain,
Taught the Theban Bard to raise
On Hiero's deeds the song of Praise:
Bid him bend his airy flight,
In all his radiant glory dight;
For Albion from Germania brings
Future Heroes, future Kings.

Blooming hours, the Summer's pride,
On Zephyr's wings serenely glide:
Scatter here your choicest flowers
From Cyprian walks, Arcadian bowers:
Let the blushing rose intwine
With the white-rob'd jessamine.
High th' unfading Garland bear
To grace the day and deck the Fair.

Far from Terror, far from Fear,
All the threats of horrid War,
Let Canadia's happy Queen
Adorn'd with costliest gems be seen:
Peace shall sooth her dire alarms
Of conquering bands, triumphant Arms:
Let her haste, and here cast down
The honours of her feather'd crown.

India gives her distant reign,
The golden Rock, the rich domain;
While busy Commerce plies the Oar,
And wafts her treasures to our Shore.
Ocean from his watery bed
Raises high his hoary head;
Gives the empire of the main,
The trident of his subject reign.

Hail auspicious morning! hail:
May no ruffling tempest veil
The scene of quiet as it flows;
No dread Sorrows discompose.
Care be hence and feeble age;
Jealousy and threat'ning rage:
Love and Youth shall rule the day,
Love and Youth for ever gay:
Till CHARLOTTA'S glorious name
Shines a bright star with GEORGE'S deathless Fame.

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