Spenser Allusions in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century. [William Wells, ed.]


Bodleian MS Douce 21808. A neoLatin pastoral drama acted on 13 January 1596.

F. S. Boas: "To the same group of Latin comedies in Italian style [Hymenaeus, Richardus Tertius], though no immediate source of them has been hitherto traced, belong several St. John's college plays of somewhat later date. These include the pastoral Silvanus (January 1597), with resemblances of situation to the Silvius-Phoebe-Rosalind love-complication in As You Like It, and with a Latinised echo, in the closing song, of the August roundelay in The Shepheardes Calender" Cambridge History of English Literature (1910) 6:343.

W. W. Greg: Silvanus "may possibly have been written by one Anthony Rollinson — the name is erased" Pastoral Poetry and Pastoral Drama (1906) 368n.

Frederick Ives Carpenter: "Rollinson is named in the catalogue of the Bodleian as the author; the part of Silvanus was taken by D. Robinson. One of the songs employs the meter and refrain of the roundelay in S. C. August" Wells, Spenser Allusions (1972) 51.

Contemus omnes Cynthiam
hei ho Cynthia
venationis dominam
Sic incipit melodia.
quae habitas in saltibus
hei ho [repetat], Delia
ornata nostris laudibus
adsis nobis bellula.

[Spenser Allusions (1972) 52]