The Works of that famous English Poet, Mr. Edmond Spenser.

The Works of that famous English Poet, Mr. Edmond Spenser. viz. The Faery Queen, The Shepherds Calendar, The History of Ireland, &c. Whereunto is added, an Account of his Life; with other new Additions never before in Print.

Edmund Spenser

The third folio edition of the Faerie Queene, and second of the collected works, adds a life of Spenser, a selection of the correspondence with Harvey, and Phineas Fletcher's "Britain's Ida," originally published as by Spenser.

Ralph Church: "At the latter end of the Reign of Charles the second, polite learning began to revive; and there seems to have been a fresh Demand for this admirable Poem the Faerie Queene. Accordingly a new and fair Edition of Spenser's Works, in Folio, was printed in 1679. In which Edition (Page 391.) is as follows. 'Reader, be pleased to take notice, that in the later Editions of Spenser's Works in Folio (which we now followed) there is wanting one whole Stanza in the Month of June, which out of the first Edition of the Shepherd's Calendar in Quarto may be thus supplied, and is to come in &c.' The follows a Copy of the abovementioned 'Glossarie,' [from the Shepherd's Calender, 1653] together with 'the Preamble,' word for word. When the Reader shall be further informed that that Edition constantly copies from L. 2. (as will appear from our Notes) he will readily see what is to be expected from it. A Table of Errata is wanting likewise to that Edition, (which is distinguished, in our Notes, by the Letter E.) and the only use that was then made of the Editions printed in Spenser's life time, was to restore the Two Copies of Verses addressed to 'Lady Carew' and 'To all the gratious' &c. which, as we observed, the Editions of L. 1 L. 2 had omitted" Faerie Queene (1758) 1:vii-viii.

S. Austin Allibone: "In 1860 Mr. F. S. Ellis, of London, offered for £35 Dryden's copy of this edition, with 'Glorious John's' own MS. 'corrections,' as certified by Jacob Tonson's note on the fly-leaf" Critical Dictionary of English Literature (1882) 2:2204.

Jewel Wurtsbaugh: "The supineness of those responsible for the third folio ... is borne out by the text, but in type and general appearance this edition is an improvement over the previous folios. It includes material not found in them: an engraving of the poet's tombstone with the inscription as it then read, a brief laudatory 'life,' Phineas Fletcher's imitation, Britain's Ida, first published in 1628 by Thomas Walkey, who was 'assured' that it was a work of Spenser's, an opinion from which the editor of the folio apparently does not dissent since he makes no comment, A View of Ireland with Ware's notes omitted, Bathurst's Latin version of the Shepheardes Calender, and an abridged text of the Harvey-Spenser correspondence, subjoined as a testimonial of Spenser's 'Familiarities with the most Ingenious and Learned men of those Times" Two Centuries of Spenserian Scholarship (1936) 11-12.

Joseph Spence owned this edition of Spenser, among others; see A. N. L. Munby, Sale Catalogues of Libraries of Eminent Persons (1971-75) 2:122.