Ode X. On the Spring. To a Lady.

Odes on Various Subjects. By Joseph Warton, B.A. of Oriel College, Oxon.

Rev. Joseph Warton

A love-complaint in five elegiac quatrains; the name "Amoret," which occurs several times in the volume, is probably not an allusion to Spenser.

Samuel Egerton Brydges: "The Odes it is impossible to avoid comparing with those of his friend and rival Collins, which were published in the same year and at the same age; and it is equally impossible to be blind to their striking inferiority.... On the whole, I cannot honestly subscribe to Mr. Wooll, where he says: 'There breathes through his poetry a genuinely spirited invention, a fervor which can alone be produced by an highly-inspired mind; and which, it is to be presumed, fairly ranks him amidst what he himself properly terms, 'the makers and inventors;' that is, the 'real poets.'' There seems to be wanting these original and predominant impressions, that peculiarity of character, which always accompany high genius, and which are exhibited in the poetry both of his brother Thomas, and his cotemporary Beattie" Censura Literaria 3 (1807) 197-98.

Lo! SPRING, array'd in primrose-colour'd robe,
Fresh beauties sheds on each enliven'd scene,
With show'rs and sunshine chears the smiling globe,
And mantles hill and vale in glowing green.

All nature feels her vital heat around,
The pregnant glebe now bursts with foodful grain,
With kindly warmth she opes the frozen ground,
And with new life informs the teeming plain.

She calls the fishes from their ouzy beds,
And animates the deep with genial love,
She bids the herds bound sportive o'er the meads,
And with glad songs awakes the joyous grove.

No more the glaring tiger roams for prey,
All-powerful Love subdues his savage soul,
To find his spotted mate he darts away,
While gentler thoughts the thirst of blood controul.

But ah! while all is warmth and soft desire,
While all around SPRING's chearful spirit own,
You feel not, AMORET, her quickening fire,
To SPRING's kind influence you a foe alone!

[pp. 36-37]