The Fairy Queen. In Two Volumes.

The Fairy Queen. Written by Edmund Spenser. With a Glossary, explaining the old and obscure Words. In Two Volumes.

Edmund Spenser

Tonson's edition takes the text and commentary from John Hughes's Works of Spenser (1715). Not seen.

Jewel Wurtsbaugh: "An anonymous octavo in two volumes and John Upton's elaborately annotated quarto, both Tonson publications, preceded the edition prepared by Ralph Church and issued by William Faden. While it is not impossible that there was a demand in the mid-century for such a cheap edition as the first, it seems probable that the Tonsons, fearing that John Upton's text, which they had secured some years previously, would not be ready before Faden printed his, issued a hurriedly prepared octavo" Two Centuries of Spenserian Scholarship (1936) 73-74.

William Proctor Williams: "Although ostensibly a reprint of the 1750 second edition of Hughes's text, it relies even more heavily on the 1590 quarto, especially on the 'faults escaped'" Spenser Encyclopedia (1990) 91.