Sonnet to Mrs. Meares.

Poems. By the Rev. Joseph Sterling.

Rev. Joseph Sterling

A Spenserian sonnet. Mrs. Meares is perhaps Martha Mears, midwife and author of The Pupil of Nature (1797), or possibly a friend of Fanny Burney and Hannah More, Women Writers, ed. Todd (1987). Or she may be the widow of John Mears (1695?-1767), Presbyterian clergyman in Dublin.

When Sol illumes the mountains of the east,
The bending Persian adoration pays;
The soft Ionian, with his flowing vest,
Tiara'd Lycians hail the glorious blaze,
And swarthy Memphis pours the song of praise,
When from on high, he flings his noon-tide beam;
And when aslant he gilds with evening rays
Green Arno's shore, and Tiber's yellow stream,
The Ausonian youths adore his milder gleam,
And od'rous incense on his altars pile:
Lo! white-robed Druids sing the splendid theme,
When his last radiance tinges Mona's isle;
Such is the lustre of my blameless friend,
In such offulgence shall her day descend.

[p. 119]