Sonnet. To Two Friends.

Poetical Register and Repository of Fugitive Poetry for 1805 (1807) 154.

Richard Alfred Davenport

A Spenserian sonnet, signed "R. A. D., June, 1797." Davenport was editor of the Poetical Register. In 1822 he would contribute a life of Spenser to an edition of the English poets, in 1852 he died under appalling circumstances.

A. G. L'Estrange: "It [The Poetical Register] was tinged with classical pedantry, and abounded with lackadaisical sonnets, in which mournful swains apostrophized their mistresses under such titles as Chloe and Myra; but it was not unfavorably received in its day" Friendships of Mary Russell Mitford (1882) 39-40.

Blest pair! how fast the snowy-pinion'd hours,
Fled, when Wit, Sense, and Harmony, combining
Beneath your friendly roof their witching powers
Awhile my spirit charm'd from sad repining:
O then! to pleasure all my soul resigning,
Too soon for me, the happy moments fled;
Too soon alas! my transient bliss declining,
Again I bent to Earth my weary head.
Life's rugged pathway, woe-begone I tread,
And, musing, tremble for my future years,
That hid in darkness fill my soul with dread:
O never your's, may heart-benumbing fears,
Or stren misfortunes, with rude hand annoy,
But all be one fair day of harmony and joy.

[p. 154]