To a very illustrious Nobleman.

Hermilda in Palestine: the First Canto, and Part of the Second: with other Poems.

Edward Thurlow

A Spenserian sonnet addressed to Francis Rawdon Hastings (1754-1826), second earl of Moira. This is one of seven Spenserian sonnets in this volume, the others previously published. Edward Thurlow's Hermilda in Palestine was published anonymously.

British Critic: "The model which the noble writer has placed before him is that of Spenser, and we do not say too much when we assert, that the spirit and manner of our early national poet has never been more faithfully represented" 40 (1812) 576.

Sweet as the silver voice of victory
Enlarging the fair glory of a king,
Or that lamenting bird, in summer free,
That to the shepherd's thirsty ear doth sing,
As sweet as to divining fancy ring
The golden axles of the circling sphere,
So sweetly is thy praise, on angel's wing,
I mean to soar beyond the solar year:
And there (escap'd into that purer sphere,)
To triumph in the sparkling fount of day,
Thy harbinger, that brightly shall appear
In that celestial walk; as fair as they,
Whom Earth of her heroick race hath sent,
To be her glory, and her argument!

[p. 99]