True Love.

The View, and other Poems.

Chandos Leigh

Two Spenserians, an epigram on happiness. Chandos Leigh, who would become perhaps the wealthiest poet in England, can remark that "Sweet 'tis to have a Claude though much it cost." The second stanza had appeared in "Dedicatory Stanzas to Mary" in the Literary Gazette (31 January 1818) 73. Not seen.

'Tis sweet on Truth's high vantage-ground to stand
And gaze on men below, in mazes lost
Of error; sweet it is to break the wand
Of juggling Comus, battling 'gainst a host
Of frightful passions; or when tempest-tost
To reach, by unexpected chance, the port;
Sweet 'tis to have a Claude though much it cost,
Dear to the honest heart's the rustic's sport;
Sweetest is woman's love when 'tis of good report.

To share each other's joys, to live indeed
In our own little world of happiness:
With interchange of thought as time may need;
To brighten fancy; make our troubles less;
To give and to return the kind caress.
To visit distant realms, not both unknown;
To be each other's help-mates in distress;
To laugh through mutual aid at fortune's frown;
Such were a bliss, indeed, which few can call their own.

[(1822) 123-24]