Song from The Lord of the Manor.

Universal Magazine 67 (January 1781) 39.

Gen. John Burgoyne

A song in the measure of Milton's L'Allegro, from General John Burgoyne's comic opera, published in the Universal Magazine without attribution. The play appeared later in the year.

Critical Review: "Though this Comic Opera is not upon a level with the Duenna, Love in a Village, and two or three others which we could name, it is by no means void of merit; and, if well performed, will always hold a respectable place in that species of drama. The story is interesting, the dialogue easy and agreeable, the characters well supported, and the songs, in general, well-written; though we cannot, as the anonymous author informs us many have done, attribute them to Mr. Sheridan" 51 (April 1781) 318.

W. Davenport Adams: "General John Burgoyne, dramatist (d. 1792), published a defense of his American campaign, under the title of State of the Expedition from Canada (1780), and was the author of the following plays: — The Maid of the Oaks, The Lord of the Manor, The Heiress, and Richard Coeur de Lion" Dictionary of English Literature (1878) 106.

Hence reveller of tinsel wing,
Insipid, senseless, trifling thing;
Light spendthrift of thy single day,
Pert insignificance, away.
How joyless to thy touch or taste
Seems all the spring's profuse repast;
The zest is wanting, senseless fly,
'Tis temperance and industry.

[p. 39]