On Reading Ballad-Stories, Sonnets, &c. by G. D. Hartley, Comedian.

Bath Herald (1 February 1800).

Francis Godolphin Waldron

F. G. Waldron, actor and antiquary, makes the occasion of praising his friend Harley (a regular contributor to the Bath Herald) the pretext for a catalogue of poets who praise poets — in the case of Ben Jonson, grudgingly (Waldron, however, had produced an edition of Jonson's Sad Shepherd). The nature of the catalogue bears witness to Waldron's knowledge of earlier poetry, which would come into play in his edition of Spenser's uncollected verse. The poem is signed "F. G. Waldron, Oct. 1799." William Cowper would die a few months after Waldron paid him this tribute.

In elder times, one Poet prais'd
Another's lines, nor envy felt:
And, by that Candour, oft-times rais'd
A fame himself, so justly dealt:

SPENCER prais'd many, tho' above
All praise himself — sweet DRAYTON too,
Spoke in his rhimes a Poet's love
For other Bards — gave each his due:

Stern JOHNSON, tho' his praise came hard,
As thinking he could fame confer,
To BEAUMONT shew'd most dear regard,
And was his Muse's