1800 ca.

An Elegy, in imitation of Gray.

Miscellaneous Works, in Prose and Verse, of George Hardinge, Esq. M.A. F.R.S. F.S.A. Senior Justice of the Counties of Brecon, Glamorgan, and Radnor. 3 Vols.

George Hardinge

Four elegiac quatrains. I have not identified the subject or date of this topical poem, which describes the transport of a Mrs. Griskin with a company of Felons. The elegy is part of the series of imitations of Gray's Elegy written in a Country Churchyard concerned with criminals and the legal system. The lines were posthumously published in 1818.

Note to last line: "Mr. McLeod, of Geamies, recently married, sent his groom to conduct Mrs. Griskin from the Swan with two Necks to Conduit-street."

Gentleman's Magazine: "Vol. II consists of what may be termed Mr. Hardinge's poetical Works, comprising according to our editor's division, Sonnets, Local Poems, Poems of Publick Respect, or Personal Regard, Poems on Religious and Moral subjects, Elegiac Poems, Filial Piety, The Russian Chiefs, Tales and Fables, Ballads, Theatrical Poems, Epigrams, Italian, Persian, and French, and Miscellaneous Poems. Elegance and neatness are the general characteristics of Mr. Hardinge's Poetry. Except in one or two instances he seldom appears to have undertaken more than could be dispatched at one sitting; but his imagination was ever lively, and his inspirations frequent. We know not indeed where a finer collection of Vers de Societe is to be found; and the Reader must be fastidious indeed who does not share in the pleasure which these verses once imparted to Mr. Hardinge's circle of friends" 89 (December 1819) 526-27.

The guard behind the coach had blown his horn,
The Felons on the roof had clink'd their chains,
When Campbell's guest, herself a Campbell born,
With graceful jirk to mount the ladder deigns.

A Merchant at her side, who dealt in coals,
But now, gazetted, in the Bankrupt line;
Caressing and caress'd she bumps and rolls,
Though Faith and Cotton at their loss repine.

Their dinner, two and sixpence by the head,
A shilling is the lunch, and sixpence tea,
The heart of Griskin for the Felons bled,
Ale was her gift, compassion was her plea.

When at the Borough they at length arriv'd,
Their lingering wheels of Lad pursued the Lane,
There honours crown'd her, there preferments thriv'd,
And Griskin is of Donald's bridal train.