Songs of Sundrie Natures. XXIII.

Songs of Sundrie Natures, some of Gravitie, and others of Myrth, Fit for all Companies and Voyces. Lately made and composed into Musicke of 3. 4. 5. and 6. Parts: and published for the Delight of all such as take Pleasure in the Exercise of that Art. By William Byrd, one of the Gentlemen of the Queenes Majesties Honorable Chappell.

William Byrd

Dorothy E. Mason describes William Byrd's song as "in the Spenserian manner" Wells, Spenser Allusions (1972) 12, citing parallels with "December" 1-2, Virgil's Gnat 237-8, and Colin Clouts Come Home Againe 56-60.

Nathan Drake: "an immense multitude of Airs, Madrigals, and Songs, set to music, and printed in Parts, were published during the latter part of the reign of Elizabeth, and during the reign of James the First. These Collections contain a variety of lyric poems not elsewhere to be met with, and which were either written expressly for the Composers, or selected by the latter from manuscripts, or rare and insulated printed copies. Foremost among these Professors of Music, who thus indirectly contributed to enrich the stores of English Poetry, stands William Byrd" Shakespeare and his Times (1817; 1838) 350.

Samuel Austin Allibone: "William Byrd, 1543-1623, a very eminent composer of sacred music, organist of Lincoln Cathedral, 1563; a gentleman of the Chapel Royal, 1569; subsequently organist to Queen Elizabeth. Some of his pieces are recorded in Lowndes Bibl. Manual, and a fuller account will be found in Burney's Hist. of Music. The celebrated canon, Non nobis Domine, has been ascribed to him, although some claim it for Palestrina" Critical Dictionary of English Literature (1858-71; 1882) 1:318.

Hyle that the Sunne with his beames hot,
Scorched the fruits in vale and mountaine:
Philon the sheperd late forgot,
Sitting besides a Christall fountaine,
In shadow of a greene Oke tree,
Uppon his Pipe this song playd he:
Untrue love, untrue love, untrue love,
Adew love, adew love, your mind is light,
Your minde is light, soone lost for new love.

So long as I was in your sight,
I was as your hart, your soule, your treasure,
And evermore you sobb'd, you sigh'd,
Burning in flames beyond all measure,
Three dayes endur'd your Love to me,
And it was lost in other three.
Adew love adew love untrue love,
Untrue love untrue love adew love,
Your mynd is light, soone lost for new love.

Another shepherd you dyd see,
To whome your hart was soone enchayned,
Full soone your love was leapt from me,
Full soone my place he had obtayned,
Soone came a third your love to winne,
And we were cut and he was in,
Adew love, &c.

Sure you have made me passing glad,
That you your mynd so soone removed,
Before that I the leysrue had,
To chuse you for my best beloved,
For all my love was past and doonne,
Two dayes before it was begoonne.
Adew Love &c.